we reflect on the year ahead and the year to come – while you're doing

Cinematic design [Star Wars: The Old Republic]”As most of us prepare for some holiday rest, we reflect on the year ahead and the year to come – while you're doing that, here's some resolutions you could make to be a better gamer in 2011.Stop Making Fun Of People Who Play FarmVilleWhen you found out there was a book coming out called ‘FarmVille For Dummies', you made the obvious joke: replica Patek Philippe 5035J Men's Watch, et al. Here's a thought: What'd FarmVille ever do to you? This year, Facebook made it so that you only have to cope with friends' feed stories about games you're playing yourself, so if you'd like, you can pretend FarmVille doesn't even exist.

Who cares if other people are having fun with something you don't like?Is this about how everyone used to make fun of you for being a gamer, and now that games are mainstream, you're resentful, or you want to establish a social hierarchy? C'mon, guys, do we really need to be like that? In 2011, let's decide we're gonna just ignore games and replica Patek Philippe 5035G Men's Watch gamers who don't really match up to our ideas about our hobby. Better yet, let's welcome them.Be A Nicer Member Of Your CommunitySo an article was too long to warrant your attention, but you can focus long enough to leave a comment complaining about that fact? Dude, you just look dumb, needlessly angry and sad.

It'd be great if, in the coming year, we could all try to be a little bit nicer and more constructive.Why? Well, first of all, it just makes more sense — is posting snark a useful expense of your time? How many hours per day do you spend looking at or doing stuff you actually believe is so idiotic or wrong that you want to spend replica Patek Philippe 5134G Men's Watch time expressing your anger about it? Is it really worth it?Second, I'm kinda tired of the whole “gamers are antisocial losers” meme. By quelling our nerd rage, we can look a little bit less like we deserve the criticism. And we'll probably all have more fun on Xbox Live by not being a gloating homophobe, right?Consume More Diverse EntertainmentGames are my favorite.

I should have never doubted Stephen's review of this great timesink

I should have never doubted Stephen's review of this great timesink.My weekend will likely be full of primary colors, for I also intend to dig into the Super Mario All-Stars collection for the Wii to see how well my Super Mario Bros. 2 skills hold up. Maybe I'll temper that with some Amnesia: The Dark Descent and a bit more Red Dead replica Patek Philippe 5065 Watch Redemption to muddy the palette a bit.How will you spend the last day of 2010 and ring in 2011, gaming wise?”If I were other massively multiplayer online role-playing games, my New Year's resolution would be to come up with dialogue and quests half as dynamic as those of BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Making The Old Republic's missions as dynamic and cinematic as possible is the job of the cinematic designer. In a blog entry posted on the game's official website today, lead cinematic designer Paul Marino explains exactly what his job entails.A Cinematic Designer puts on their director's beret for each scene they work on. Is this a scene for the Jedi Consular? It will most likely be a quiet, emotionally-centered setting, focusing on the replica Patek Philippe 5065A Watch difficult choices ahead. Or perhaps it's a scene for a Bounty Hunter who confronts an obnoxious nobleman and has to choose the best way to extract the information he needs. For each scene, the approach is similar to that of a live-action shoot.

The Cinematic Designer reviews the script, considers what actors are involved and what location the incident takes place in, and ultimately answers the question “What does the player need to know once the scene has ended?”The end result, seen in the video above, is pretty damn entertaining, though I still get the impression that this is more replica Patek Philippe 5070R Watch of a single-player game you play with other people, rather than a true massively multiplayer online role-playing game.Even so, it's more of the Old Republic from BioWare, and there is nothing wrong with that. Hit up the link below to learn more about what Paul does to make that happen.

Sports and EA Sports dominate the sports game industry every year

Winning One For the Little GuysThough THQ, 2K Sports and EA Sports dominate the sports game industry every year, some of 2010's most newsworthy developments did not come from the big three. QuickHit Football, the free-to-play online American football simulation, lands a rare license to use the National Football League's teams and symbols replica Patek Philippe 5107/1J Men's Watch one of only two video games other than Madden with such branding. NLL Lacrosse 2010, which ships over the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, becomes the first indie game fully licensed by a professional sports league and also using its players' likenesses.

Backbreaker, the console challenger to Madden, delivers a new gameplay perspective and ultra-realistic physics to the contact sport when it arrives in May. Critically panned at release, developer NaturalMotion Games regroups and delivers a patch that practically remakes the game by the time Madden NFL 11 ships in August. NaturalMotion sees more success with its Backbreaker iPhone apps, a port of the console game's popular “Tackle Alley” minigame. The U.K. based developer then confirms it is working on replica Patek Philippe 3802/200J Men's Watch an ice hockey simulation, “Icebreaker.”Million-Dollar BabyComing off an abysmal showing with MLB 2K9, 2K Sports ramps up the publicity machine for MLB 2K10, laying out a $1 million bounty for whomever throws the first perfect game (all 27 opposing batters retired without reaching base).

The studio scores the heartwarming PR coup of 2010 when the winner turns out to be Wade McGilberry of Semmes, Ala., an earnest, 23-year-old married man for whom a $60 video game purchase is something of an extravagance in the household budget. Wade, who came home from work and twirled the perfecto on release day, declares the prize money will go to pay off the mortgage on their home. And, with the security of a replica Patek Philippe 5066-1A Watch sum in a savings account, he and his wife, Katy, made plans to have their first child. “We were waiting for our finances to come together before we started,” Katy said. Thanks to a video game, “Now we can.”That's right. Bejeweled 3. PopCap Games' match-three puzzle game has sunk its casual claws into my mind and now I can't stop playing this thing.

All Politics Are LocalPresident Obama appears in not one but three sports

All Politics Are LocalPresident Obama appears in not one but three sports video games in 2010 - in championship ceremonies for both Madden NFL 11 and NBA 2K11, and as an unlockable celebrity character in NBA Jam. Other politicians appearing in Jam include Vice Presidents Biden and Cheney, Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush, Sen. John McCain and Bayonetta Sarah Palin. All Republicans appearing in NBA Jam are rated, perhaps not replica Patek Philippe 5120J Men's Watch coincidentally, an 8 out of 10 in “steal.”NBA Jam's Sticky ReturnConfirmed for the Wii early in 2010, enthusiasm for EA Sports' reboot of NBA Jam dominates the sports discussion over the spring and summer.

EA hires the series' creator, Mark Turmell, and its original play-by-play voice, Tim Kitzrow, to bring back the boom-shakalaka. In the summer, EA Sports announces plans to include NBA Jam as a free download in retail copies of NBA Elite 11 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. But Elite's late-October cancellation forces NBA Jam to a retail release replica Patek Philippe 5117J Men's Watch about six weeks after the Wii version's debut. Originally intended to include just multiplayer and two singleplayer modes, with the game's “Remix Tour” to come later as paid DLC, NBA Jam on the PS3 and 360 instead ships with everything, and in high definition presentation, for $50, the price of the Wii version.

Rumors later circulate that EA Sports acquired the rights to NFL Blitz in the sell-off of Midway's assets; Turmell also is the creator of that series, stoking speculation that Blitz may return in 2011 or 2012.Fight Night MaturesThe fifth installment of EA Sports' boxing franchise will be unlike any other in the series - or in sports gaming. Announced in November, Fight Night Champion's darker, story-driven “Champion” mode earns the replica Patek Philippe 5115G Men's Watch game an M-rating, the first such title for EA Sports and believed to be the first in licensed sports video games. Champion, which will release March 1, will tell the story of Andre Bishop's rise through the ranks of professional boxing, a journey that intersects with the sport's seedy, manipulative characters, and even a stretch in prison.


what would be a collaboration between Apple and replica A Lange & Sohne 308.021 Men's watch

Beress last letter is a building and he’s planning to jump from Dubais Burj Dubai, soon to be the tallest building in the world. But whitewater is a new rush for him. Replica Breitling watches Drevo, paddling from the stern, commands the Lieutenant Colonel, “Lean left! Brace! Dig in!” The hard strokes pay off—the kayak blasts through the hydraulic and the pair cruises safely into the calm pool below. On the Beagle Channel, we nailed a 29-milesection with waves, swells and big wind. The Lendal paddles gave us confidenceas well as enough speed to pass several teams on the section.

Just when you thought technology couldnt get much more integrated (think iPhones ability to make calls, listen to music, view photos, etc), there are whispers of a possible iCar in the works--what would be a collaboration between Apple and replica A Lange & Sohne 308.021 Men's watch Volkswagen. No blueprints have been drawn out just yet, but Steve Jobs of Apple and Martin Winterkorn of VW met in California recently, the Associated Press reported. The car would be outfitted with gadgets directly from Apple and according to market research done by Capital, a German financial magazine, young people would really dig it.—Alicia Carr

Mexican police have arrested six people and seized 57,000 endangered olive ridley turtle eggs from them in the southern state of Oaxaca,where the eggs are believed to have aphrodisiac powers, the New York Times reported Aug. 29. We think legendary replica A Lange & Sohne 223.032 Men's watch Mexican wrestler and sea turtle defender El Hijo del Santo must be overjoyed! Look for our interview with him in the September issue.— Christina Erb